Why Business Coaching? Feeling ‘Stuck’

At Chisel ActionCOACH, we provide steps and techniques to help you achieve a higher level of mastery, strategy, and time management in your business. But how do you decide when it’s time to consult with a coaching service like Chisel? In this post, we will elaborate on one of the key signs that your business could benefit from outside consultation.

One of the clearest indicators that it is time to reach out to a business coach is consistently feeling stuck. If you find yourself in a rut, unable to move forward with your business, a business coach can help you identify the areas where you have lost your sense of direction. Even when you carry out the actual day-to-day work of your business, you might be operating without a broader plan, or struggling to see meaningful progress. This is where a business coach can help you step back and reassess the fundamental direction, vision, and strategy of your business, with the purpose of delivering back to you that crucial sense of forward momentum.

You might be wondering, though, how to identify when you’ve arrived at that ‘stuck’ feeling. There are a number of signals to watch for that indicate when you are feeling motionless in your business. One important signal is lack of motivation. This becomes apparent when you can’t find the inspiration to work on your business, or feel like you are going through the motions without genuine passion and enthusiasm.

Another signal of feeling stuck in your business is repeating unproductive patterns. If you find yourself repeating the same decisions that don’t lead to progress, even when you know they are not working, it can indicate that feeling of being stuck, of needing to move beyond patterns in decision-making that don’t benefit your business in the long-run.

The last signal we will cover in this post is lack of clarity. When you and your team get to a point where the strategies, priorities, and expectations of the business are unclear or poorly communicated, it may be a sign that somewhere along the way things became stuck.

It is entirely understandable that in the course of your business, in the actual day-to-day responsibilities of your business, you find yourself lacking direction, clarity, and motivation. That you come to carry that bothersome ‘stuck’ feeling. This is exactly where Chisel can help, though! If you feel there is a rut that you want to climb out from, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Sometimes, all it takes for you to regain a sense of direction and motivation in your work is to consult with a professional, outside perspective. We are here to help you break out of your ruts, reassess your strategy and vision, and keep your business moving with intention!